Key Cutting at Pextons

There is a long tradition of key cutting at Pextons and key cutting remains a big part of who we are today. We provide a quick, efficient, friendly and above all affordable service. We can duplicate all major brands. We can cut front door, cabinet, window, garage, padlock, safe and certain car keys.

We combine traditional methods with modern tools to ensure a high level of success. The vast majority of the time keys are cut while you wait, and it's often much quicker than you think. At Pextons we have a large range of key blanks to choose from so you can be confident we will very likely have your particular key in stock and ready to go.


We also stock a range of key rings from official quality metal chains, to jailer's rings to basic split rings. Additionally we keep the popular range of "fun keys" in stock for the most common types of house key. These patterned keys make it easy to spot the difference between for example the front and back door keys on your ring.


We're proud of our low prices. A cylinder/yale key costs £2.99ea*. A mortice/chubb key costs £4.20ea*.

*We also offer discounts for quantities of keys which reduce costs further. 3 or more keys of either type above is subject to a 15% discount. Our easy to understand deal is cylinder keys 3 for £7.60 and mortice keys 3 for £10.70.

Keeping up to date

In Autumn 2012 we invested in a set of 8 new key boards to ensure that not only are the blanks ordered sequentially and thus easy to find, (reducing the time you spend waiting), but also that we have in stock keys for locks which are new to the market.

In August 2013 we subsequently invested in a Silca Lancer Plus mortice cutting machine. The Lancer Plus is something of a de facto industry standard and ensures our keycutting is as precise and accurate as possible, and, importantly, faster than ever.


There is very close parking available at the car park at the end of the parade of shops. It currently costs 30p for an hour. It is a minute's walk from there to the shop.

Landlords/Letting Agencies

Many lettings/estate agencies and private landlords have Pextons accounts to allow them to better keep track of their expenditure on key cutting and to reduce the admin needed to send a member of staff in to us to get copies made. We would be happy to discuss account applications with you in the shop.